Ultra deep underground metal detector (U.S.)
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TITLE:  Ultra deep underground metal detector (U.S.)
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SCANMASTER - This is the main components of the scanner. The device design is simple, yet powerful. Using a 12 volt DC rechargeable battery. Battery voltage by the circuit device continuously monitors the scanner. When the voltage is low, the frequency display performance unstable. Under normal circumstances the battery can be used continuously for 18 hours. SCANMASTER apparatus equipped with the battery through a small charger. Connect the charger and battery, note polarity. Reversed polarity will damage the battery charging and / or shorten the battery life (3-5 years). Please note that the scanner is connected to the power cord and battery, must pay attention to polarity! If the polarity reversed, the fuse will burn, this time, we must replace the fuse! Fuses must be followed exactly the same as the original! The correct size is 1 amp-120/250 volt-3AG slow down the fuse. Too large fuse may damage SCANMASTER, in this case, the lifetime warranty will be void!
Power sensor - the component responsible for the two copper rod into the ground through the scan the selected signal to the ground. Power cable coaxial cable, and SCANMASTER the output connection.
Power Module - This device is designed to power the antenna rod. The device contains a 9-volt DC battery. At the top of the "PUSH" button to display battery status. If the top of the lights lit, the battery intact. If the light is dim or bright light, you need to replace the battery. To replace the 9 volt battery, only need to rotate out of the bottom cover, open the module. Rod antenna socket into the power module, power module open. When not in use, the antenna rods unplug from the power module! If the antenna rod inserted in the power save module, it will cause the battery (9 volts) leakage. When connected to functional modules, avoid contact with each other so that the antenna rod, because it can cause the battery short circuit.
Rod antenna - antenna rod powered by the power module. Antenna rod is designed to the operator that he / she has entered the power transmission between the sensor and the target line. Under normal circumstances, holding the antenna rod to stabilize and balance, waist height, and slightly in front of the operator. Hand-held rod antenna, the antenna should point to the front bar, parallel to each other and separated by 8-18 inches away. Everyone needs to find the best suited to their distance. It takes trial and error to find. Remember, in the operation of the device, the calm relaxed people who will do better than the rigid tension! When you enter the radio frequency energy line, the antenna rod will naturally cross. When the first intersection, you see the dawn of victory, you will once again welcome to the intersection.
Collector - this is four devices, used as a passive repeater to help determine the location of the object. They are "passive" because they do not require power, only to receive the initial signal scanner, and then transfer to the target. Initially, the first major installations of triangulation measurement goals. Once you find around the target area, identify the device with the second goal.
Initial installation
On the front panel BNC connector, the coaxial cable to power sensor SCANMASTER. Carefully inserted into the ground and the sensor pin, so that the sensor to maintain vertical. Then, check the front panel of the pre-set position, confirm the connection and location. Press "POWER ON" button, according to the frequency printed on the front, select the desired frequency, out of "POWER AMP (power amplifier)," knobs to keep 3-4 minutes, the signal in the ground saturated. If the scanner within range of any target, the target will gradually absorb the signal from the scanner.
Signals will be full filled underground, from the size and depth depends on the target. Near the small target is often obscure or distant large targets. The normal small target depth of 5 feet. The larger objective will be deeper and farther. Hidden objects such as mines or large goals, from several miles away to see. The exact depth and distance depends on several factors, including target size, target length of time in the ground, the ground conductivity (electrolytic ion, etc.), the ability of the operator (depending on the degree of proficiency on the equipment) and other small factors.
Each hand holding an antenna rod, standing 10 feet away from the power sensor and began circling around the sensor. Rod antenna should be placed on waist height, parallel to each other, and point to the front, cutting-edge is lower than the operator's thumb, to maintain balance. It will take time to practice, once mastered, will become very common. Circling around the sensor, the normal walking, walk instead of walking, keep up the sensor to maintain a constant distance. Assuming the scanner operating range of a target, when your feet start into power lines, under normal circumstances, the antenna rod will attract each other. Under normal circumstances, the energy of a single target line width is 12 inches.
Once the power line, the next step is to measure the target by triangulation. Measurement step is to line the side of the energy put a collection of 15 feet, and then the other side of the energy line is placed at 15 feet a second collector (see below examples). Remember to use stakes or flag tag on the energy line cook.

SCANMASTER frequency is set at the factory Well, for a specific use. Change instrument settings, will not be warranty.

Gold ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... AU ... ... ... ... ... ... 5.0-5.6
Silver ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... AG ... ... ... ... ... ... 8.07-8.09
Copper - Brass ... ... ... ... ... ... ... CU ... ... ... ... ... ... 11.7
Lead ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... PB ... ... ... ... ... ... 4.50
Iron ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... FE ... ... ... ... ... ... 17.0-17.8
Bronze ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... 11.03
Diamond ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... C ... ... ... ... ... ... 12.7

If the search for gold in the copper pot, copper will send a stronger signal, because the dominant copper oxide.

Avoid using the AC power to the scanners. Never use 110 VAC or 220 VAC power to the scanner. This will cause permanent damage to the instrument! Consequences of such damage will not SCANMASTER warranty range.

Scanmaster with only 2 collectors instead of four.

To explain the basic concept of the Omnitron scanners, one must first understand some very important basic facts. Instrumentation implementing electromagnetic induction, RF induction, and gamma wave transmissions were thoroughly tested. Much was learned about the effects of magnetic's and ionization on all phases of matter. Much of what was discovered was applied in developing the original scanner. What was really unique was that the scanner had the ability to utilize air, oil or water as the transmission media. Not only was the signal broadcast in a strictly horizontal direction, but also in a spherical direction. One can only imagine being the center of 3/4 mile sphere with that sphere being your probable target area!

Now once the signal is transmitted by the scan, the prospective target then reciprocates with a complimentary and identical signal. Because of the fact that the signals are identical, only that element is being 'tracked' by the scanner and thereby eliminating the event of tracking unwanted targets.

Below is how Scanmaster Systems work:
Scan and Search up to 1 or more miles to Pinpoint your Target!

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